10 reasons why you don’t need to hire a creative director for your church

10 reasons why you don’t need to hire a creative director for your church

Sounds too good to be true right? Hear me out…

One of the big secrets of going to the next level with your organization has everything to do with the journey of how well you reach your audience from your online first impression to onsite first time visit. Let’s take a quick assessment of how well you know your audience and how well you are doing at reaching them online.

First let’s see how well you know your audience?

  1. Do you know how many people visit your website?
  2. Of the people that visit your website, how many of them start a conversation on a form or signup for your newsletter to stay informed.
  3. Do you have a guest funnel that nurtures and inspires them to plan a visit to your church?
  4. When people search for “churches near them” do you show up on search and social? And if you do how many Google pages does it take for you to come up?
  5. When they visit your website what is the most visited page that people seem engage with?


If you answered any of them with “I don’t know”, or “I’m not sure” you are not reaching your online audience effectively.

People in your community are searching for a church every day. But they aren’t checking out your service, they’re checking out your website first. 80% of first-time visitors visit your website before they set foot in your church. Source

Unfortunately, most churches fail the first time impression online, resulting in many people not taking the next step to visit. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we started Mission.

After personally working as a Pastor for over 16 years then transitioning to becoming a full time digital missionary I have had the honor and privilege to see what works and what doesn’t in the context of reaching people online. For most startup churches and small to medium sized churches their online presence is one of their biggest barriers from their audience trying out their church verses another one.

10 reasons why you don’t need to hire a creative director for your church and should outsource instead

Before you shake your head and move on consider the following points of why you need to outsource your creative services instead of trying to hire someone within. The bottom line is in 2018 and beyond it’s extremely important, necessary and affordable for every church to get great quality creative services.

  1. Virtual creative services are considerably more affordable than hiring another staff member on the team. The average cost for a creative director is about 100k or more. Source
  2. You don’t need to provide benefits like 401k, vacation time, healthcare and more.
  3. You don’t have to worry about someone moving on for a better job or better pay. Virtual creative directors are always around.
  4. You have access to experts in each area of creative services instead of relying on one person who can’t do it all.
  5. You won’t have to invest in large upfront fees and licenses to the various tools needed to operate your digital presence.
  6. You don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to find multiple people to manage your online presence. You can have it all-in-one place.
  7. Your delivery time on projects is much faster without the pain of being stuck.
  8. Finding quality talent can be tough or nonexistent.
  9. Finding someone who specializes in church creative services is even tougher to find.
  10. The ability to target an audience.

How your church can hire a virtual creative director today

Hiring a “Virtual Creative Director” for your church has never been easier. With Mission, we provide the all-in-one solution for churches, businesses and individuals. We offer websites, apps, SEO (search engine optimization), first-time guest funnels, print, graphic design and more so you don’t need to g through the frustration of trying to hire or keep someone on your team. We will ALWAYS be here and be on your team.

Contact us today to hear more about how your organization can benefit from having Mission be your in-house creative team.


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